Saturday, February 19, 2011

Strumming The Grid

Stummer*Vultee plays an all original music show at NAG during the time of my show, Slow Bake! Just saying, you might check him out. I won't mind, but I will be playing some of his tunes, you bet, during my BOSL radio show. 11amSLTSaturdays, for Soni's Slow Bake or Strummer's Live Original Music Show at Nag.


Strummer is a powerful songwriter, and has plenty of originals to his credit. The other night, a comfortable crowd grooved to originals and rock/pop classics of Strummer and his streaming musician buddy, Morton Shamen at Moonshines. Strummer plays out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He plays the club scene there in real life, as does Morton in Pensacola, Florida. Both regularly perform together from across the country.

The musicians regularly stream together from across the USA to put on an exceptionally professional show.

I had a few moments with Strummer's manager Lea Anatra, and she is the person to contact to set up for gigs. She shared with me some of his background, like he started playing in Tulsa, his home turf, when he was 13 and he is a self taught musician. To see Strummer's real life gigs, go to For his calendar, check

Images above, Moonshines Rockin Club

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