Sunday, March 22, 2015

Red Heaven's Amplification

Cover of Album 'Amplification' - released 2013
The SL Music scene is amped up by the likes of Red Heaven (formerly Dragonfly in SL).  Lead singer Joel Eide brings his rock and world music in-world, expanding his reach around the world via Second Life. Slow Bake just added 'Amplification' to the playlist. But get ready the album 'Moth' is forthcoming.

Joel is heavily committed to a busy schedule om Second Life.   But be sure to catch one of his shows.
Preview and purchase his music:

Red Heaven is scheduled for live performances all through this year, and that includes The Tulip Festival. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Celebrate nightly at Chicago's Place

MONDAY Night at Chicago's Place!   Just two of the artists featured from last night!
Anightwing Akina

Joel Eilde/Red Heaven (Formerly Dragonfly)

 Drop by nightly to see who is on the schedule - always a great line-up!

This Tuesday, March 17th, celebrate at Chicago's Place!