Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Adds

Adds from Beth Odets, Kevin M. Thomas, The Matthew Show, SaraMarie Philly's Red (LP) and Nance Brody's Spendor (LP) and some new classic finds of Mimi Carpenter and Clairede Dirval - and more.

Sonicity Fitzroy's Slow Bake on SL LIVE radio! 
Playing SL Music from around the grid.   Truly radio for your second life!    

Featuring the Hot-off-the-press single - Thousand Days of Bravery from the forthcoming LP "K" by THE FOLLOW - and still lots more from my interview with the band (11-7-14). 

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

What's Going On - LIVE

Two Recommended Live Music
Venues to check out this week -

Seaside Lounge
CEO Montana Clowes (and Titan Hawksby)
Google: Seaside Lounge Calendar

What's Up Seaside?
I dropped into the Seaside Lounge to check the local listings for the many SL musicians that perform.

Two Moons Paradise
CEO Shiran Sabra

Monday November 10th
1-2 pm slt Lisa Brune Live
2-3 pm slt Ceci Dover live

Tuesday November 11th 
5-6 pm slt Farrokh Vavoom and The Cows of Chaos and The Funky Feats The Bar
6-7 pm slt Barn Country Dance 

Wednesday November 12th
1-2 pm slt Ceci Dover
5-6 pm slt ~ Mer Contest with Shay Sunnyside
6-7 pm slt Samm Qendra

Thursday November 13th
4-5 pm slt Amforte Clarity
5-6 pm slt DJ Shay Sunnyside The Funky Feats and our weekly costume contest

Friday November 14th
Dancing at Pelican Beach and chilling with fishing

Saturday November 15th
4-5 pm slt AM Quar 
5-6 pm slt Maxmillion Kleene 

Sunday November 16th
Music Madness Sundays
1-3 pm slt with Drumming Farrokh Vavoom ~ Mer garden
3-4 pm slt Voodoo Shilton


New Adds on Slow Bake

In the news,  Happy Rez Day to Mankind Tracer (Seth Regan) today!!!!

THE FOLLOW's Thousand Days of Bravery from the forthcoming LP "K" made its debut to its fan base on November 2nd.   It will debut on Slow Bake, November 9th, noon to 2pm SLT on SL Live Radio.

LP Adds from ....

SaraMarie Philly's Red

Album cover
Nance Brody's Spendor

Classics from

Mimi Carpenter

Clairede Dirval (Carrie)

Music News:
Dann Russo and Pete Mroz (Pilgrim Swashbuckler) are on the road, but they have new LPs coming out.!music/c1l0t
A Runaway Snapping All Ties (only as download, soon to be released as album)