Monday, June 28, 2010

Around the Grid

Sunday night, me and a couple of friends dropped into the Kings' Fashion Show at Moolto, and then headed off to Vixie's Shhh in NYC, New York!

See the story on the BOSL Blog.

:) Soni

Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 Chicago Jam


Beginning yesterday, The Cove began streaming the RL Chicago Jam into Second Life. If you couldn't make it to Chicago, head to The Cove in SL to hear your in-world favorite musicians on the road:

Alezandro Svenska, Arimo Teixeira, Anek Fuchs, Belle Reynaud, Blu Ducrot, Brad Wermanger, Dakota7Z7 Pluto, Damian Carbenell, Devon Rasa, Ezcape Hax, EricSteffensen Mistwalker, Gina Stella, InfinitelySweet Muircastle, Izdovrcr Finesmith, Karen Hueslkoetter, Kaklick Martin, Kourish Eusebio, MarcusAurelius Merlin, Maximillion Kleene, Skye Galaxy.

Join the Cove this weekend June 26-29 through Sunday Night for the CHICAGO JAM presented by one of SL's top musicans Anek Fuchs as he correlates and brings to you LIVE via Audio and Video feeds to the Cove Beach and Sports Club some of SL's Top Musicians in SL.

Althena Cove:

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POP ART LAB Summer Sessions!

In other music news, Pop Art Lab is hosting The Summer Sessions, Saturday June 26th from 11AM-4PM SLT. POP ART LAB, SL’s premier music sim, welcomes you to a spectacular live music event on Saturday June 26th. As part of this event, PAL CEO, Claus Uriza, will be giving a talk on the subject of ‘Unexpected Collaborations’ as a guest speaker for the SLB7 celebrations.

PAL is a proud collaborator and the past year has seen it work with RL media companies, record labels, educational establishments, machinima makers, artists, online television companies and of course-musicians and live performers too. It’s been a nonstop year and one which has seen PAL grow in new directions to become the world’s leading virtual music platform. Wishing you all a very happy summer from the RL/SL POP ART LAB team!

Schedule of events

11 AM: Claus Uriza to give talk at SLB7 auditorium on ‘Unexpected Collaborations’ and the impact of partnership working in virtual music.
SL7B Auditorium (if Upsidedown sim is filled)

Then mega party at POP ART LAB sim:

12 PM: Lance Rembrandt-Live music from one of the USA’s most talked about performers

1PM: Engrama-The finest indie pop from Argentina

2 PM-Starflower Orbit-California based Starflower sings laid back, dreamy, summer soaked tunes

3 PM-DJ BRB spinning a mix of the latest dubstep/techno tracks

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On a personal note and then more general

Hey my friend, Kara, bought the sandy lot near my office! We had movie night there the other night! And my crazy biz partner got into the movie way too much.

Around the grid:


Live, Starrfish Ohmai

1:30 PM SLT: Wizard Mega Store Roma Imperiale presents Space Art. Space Art is a travelling art exhibition that will present four or eight artists for 15 days in the host Sim. Every artist has got at his/her disposal a dome. and the exposure / space station can be reached by a teleport set at the landing point . The exhibition will be hosting works of photography, primpaintings and sculpture for two weeks.

Live, Josie Anderton


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's a Tuesday and there is LIFE

Events for this Tuesday!

All Day. The Planetarium Hop. Dance over to the SB&C Grand with poses, shop the art & domes, explore the unique privacy screens, wander spheres made for your SL living improvement, wonder at the growing plants & trees, bathe in the lights of rainbows & sun, and sit IN the planetarium above it all...and relax!! A great place to just be a part of all that SL is!! See you there!

1PM Mankind at The Bay - his Sweet Spot. He's playing for one of the Tracerettes - Squirly - it is her BDAY. Come...

5PM SLT, Winners of the May round of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge will be announced as part of the $L550,000 challenge. Mankind Tracer will be singing live and Eifachfilm Varcirca will be spinnin the tunes at the party after
University of Western Australia