Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blues and Folk Festival

May 10th-12th on The Pier at Wild Beach

BOSL Radio will be streaming live all day Saturday May 12th.
Thursday - May 10th
4p - Fiery Otaared
6p - Blue4u Nowicka
7p - Steely Decosta
8p - Ganjo Mokeev
9p  -Beth Odets

Friday  - May 11th
5p - Lisa Brune
6p - AlexMays
7p - Quantamis Navarathna
8p - ReggieSunset Rookswood
9p - Voodoo Shilton and Mulder Watts

Saturday  - May 12th
12p - David Cziser
1p - Mamaa Saiz
2p - Ziffy Zarf

4p- Tukso Okey Rau
5p - Bluemonk Rau
6p- AM Quar
7p - Fiery Otaared

All times are SL Time

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Ashraya Project

BOSL Radio is supporting THE ASHRAYA PROJECT, and this Saturday, beginning at 10AM SLT, join us to assist in this important cause.

                        “Giving hope and love to the children of India”

                                         May 5th - June 4th 2012

Ashraya is an organization based in India with the purpose of providing aid/relief to Indian children in need and abused women through various projects.   A series of events will take place this weekend, and thereafter....

Sat. May 5th
10.00 am SLT: 1st Fashion Show featuring the exclusive creations of the Fashion Fair
12.00 pm SLT:  Interview to Virginia Lupindo “How Ashraya changed my life”
12.30 pm SLT: Celebration Party with Djs
6.00 pm SLT: 2nd Fashion Show featuring the exclusive creations of the Fashion Fair

Sun. May 6th: Official Opening of The Ashraya Project Fashion Fair

Sat. May 12th, 10.00 am SLT: Ga-Go SL Ver. Concert
Fri. May 18th, 2.00 pm SLT: Mankind Tracer Concert
Mon. May 28th, 12.00 pm SLT: Official Opening of The Ashraya Project Art Expo
Mon. June 4th, 12.00 pm SLT: Closing Party and Auctions

Press: Kay Fairey (Eng/Jap) or Xandrah Sciavo (Eng)

General questions: Leah McCullough (Eng/Spa)