Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feed A Smile Music Festival (Live And Learn in Kenya)

‘Feed A Smile’-Music Festival is a special event that will bring smiles to children.   It is SL helping RL once again.   The music begins Saturday 30th July from 8AM SLT.

Here's the backstory, compliments of the official press release (sent to me by BOSL Radio CEO' Persia Bravin):
100L$’s not much money…….

In fact-100L$ is small change to most people in Second Life™ but that same 100L$ could make a very big difference to the real life of a child in Kenya.

Because, that small amount of Linden dollars is enough to buy one warm meal for child living in the Rhonda slums of Nakuru, Kenya, where hunger, thirst and hopelessness are all too common.

Since it started fundraising in SL, the ‘Feed a Smile’ charity has paid for 18,538 meals-all thanks to donations made by generous residents from across the grid; but we need to keep fundraising to help even more children.

On Saturday 30th July, some of SL’s star musicians and performers are joining together in a day long music festival for fun and fundraising. Covering all genres of music, this huge event will be a highlight in the SL social calendar!

Brique Topaz from the ‘Feed a Smile’ charity says: “Be a part of really making a difference in real life while enjoying the pleasures of Second Life. All donations go directly to Kenya to feed the children.”

View latest donations here:

Have fun, dance and donate!

Line Up of Musicians:

Saturday July 30th
AM 07:00 - TerryLynn Melody  LIVE
AM  08.00 - Lyn Carlberg  LIVE
AM  09.00 - Avantgarde Frequency  LIVE
AM  10.00 - Rock Doghouse  LIVE
AM  11.00 - MommaLuv Skytower  LIVE
PM  12.00 - James Corachea  LIVE
PM  01.00 - Morgue McMillan  POETRY READING LIVE
PM  02.00 - Unity Productions  with the play "Come Away My
Beloved" LIVE
PM  03.00 - Virtual Live Band  LIVE
PM  04.00 - KevinMThomas Carpool  LIVE
PM  05.00 - Starrfish Ohmai  LIVE
PM  06.00 -  Mojopolis  LIVE
PM  07.00 - Tone Uriza  LIVE
PM  08.00 - VladVoivode Diavolo  LIVE
PM  09.00 - Veronica Weksler  LIVE
PM  10.00 - Ichie Kamachi  LIVE
PM  11.00 - LaidBack Celt  LIVE
PM  12.00 - Steveeolio  LIVE
AM  01.00 - Rara Destiny LIVE
AM  02.00 - Jana Kyomoon  LIVE
AM  03.00 - David Perdu  LIVE
AM  04:00 - Mimm Xue  LIVE

Information on ‘Feed a Smile’

All donations go directly Kenya to feed the children. Transfer fees are paid for by Live and Learn in Kenya and the Paypal account is registered to be paid directly into the Live and Learn in Kenya NGO account.

LLK is a member of Nonprofit Commons in SL:

SL contact: Brique Topaz

Additional Information:

Press Release: ‘Feed A Smile/Live And Learn in Kenya

(Registered Charities)

Duché de Coeur Music & Arts Festival

Just thought you might like something different in way of music - a bit artsy and traditional.

The July 30th Festival ~ Live Music & Art
Live music at the Duché de Coeur Music & Arts Festival:
11:00 AM Heath Elvehjem
12:00 PM Russell Eponym
1:00 PM    Ichie Kamachi
and more details at:

See the accompanying art gallery that opened yesterday, at: