Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two Moon Paradise XMAS Kickoff

HOhoHO. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow. As Long as I have some place warm to go. LOL. Heya, here's the cool news for the holiday season - Second Life is starting early! Well at least, Two Moon Paradise, a new venue, wants to throw you a party with the Gift of Live Music. The party begins at 5PM SLT, with Gabryel Nayokia, continues with Mummaluv Skytower, and then finishes with a big bang, The Follow. All compliments of Two Moon Paradise Owner Shiran Sabra.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Radiant Saturday!!!!

Curator Matthew Anthony's Radiant Cathedral and Art Museum is open Saturday, November 13th. Come for the "formal" grand opening at 5 PM SLT. Enjoy the 60 pieces of art inside the cathedral and throughout the grounds that surround it - paintings to sculptures to jewelry, etc. Some rare items!

See more photos from last night - consider it a preview:

See ya on the grid! :) Soni!

Wish you had a fairy Godmother?

Welcome to the Weekend! Check you SL events listings on cool live music and add some magic to your virtual experience. Lots of art and culture as well. See you on the grid!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

knock knock

Soni - neko angel, lol.

Last week, I was busy with end of the year celebrations. Hope you had some real and Second Life fun, too. There might be a few less parties this weekend, but plenty of live musicians to hear on the grid - and looking at just Saturday, check out your SL "Live Music" Events listings for these musicians (time and location):

Clairede Dirval @ Steampunk Blues
Maximillion Kleene@The Playhouse
Lexie Luan@NAG
Rosedrop Rust@Twlight live
TerryLynn Melody@Khisme
Strum Diesal@Kasbah
Christopher135Quan@San Diego City
Anek Fuchs@Hells Bells
Raspbury Rearwin@Kasbah
and many many more...

Definitely, I want to get all these musicians and more on BOSL Radio! I have some, but not all. I have others not listed above. Have a suggestion, please drop me an IM or email.

:) Soni