Thursday, November 4, 2010

knock knock

Soni - neko angel, lol.

Last week, I was busy with end of the year celebrations. Hope you had some real and Second Life fun, too. There might be a few less parties this weekend, but plenty of live musicians to hear on the grid - and looking at just Saturday, check out your SL "Live Music" Events listings for these musicians (time and location):

Clairede Dirval @ Steampunk Blues
Maximillion Kleene@The Playhouse
Lexie Luan@NAG
Rosedrop Rust@Twlight live
TerryLynn Melody@Khisme
Strum Diesal@Kasbah
Christopher135Quan@San Diego City
Anek Fuchs@Hells Bells
Raspbury Rearwin@Kasbah
and many many more...

Definitely, I want to get all these musicians and more on BOSL Radio! I have some, but not all. I have others not listed above. Have a suggestion, please drop me an IM or email.

:) Soni

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