Saturday, April 28, 2012

Magic in the Air

This weekend, BOSL Radio was live from Pandoria MindGardens at Magic Valley, a beautiful fantastical sim with wonders of beauty. Owner/Founder Jami was our gracious host.  BOSL Society Columnist Kara Trapdoor was there, and gives the full scoop on the place.
After my radio show, I invited Jami and Belinda Barnes to join me for some photos, and then I snapped some photos of others - and more of the awesome trio.

Welcome Eowynn - BOSL's latest addition to the DJ Staff!!!!

Watch out CC for the asteroid!  (above).   And below, I didn't know anyone was watching - had a virtual wedgy.   That's it for now.  I have to adjust my mesh.  See you next weekend!   :) Soni


Friday, April 27, 2012

Le Cafe DesArtistes

Had a great time last weekend at BOSL CEO's place, Le Cafe Des Artistes on The Frolic Sim (get it, Frolic Mills!).  It was a wonderful place to hang while doing BOSL Radio.    Catch us again this weekend in Second Life and online as we stream live!  I go on the air at Saturday, 11am SLT, playing your SL favs in a show called Slow Bake.  Each week for one hour, I feature SL musicians!   Join me, and come all day, wherever we are, to join in the fun all day with BOSL Radio.

Le Cafe Des Artistes at The Frolic Sim (127, 106, 25)
BOSL Radio,

:) Soni!