Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oooooo Halloween

Well happy trick or treat on the grid this weekend. But really now, it will be definitely difficult to top Umberto Giano's Halloween Party in Hell.

He relocated Club Nine this Monday to Hell for a smokin' bash. Those were just some photos that I have been burning to show ya -

Club Nine - Monday and Thursday night, live djs

:) Soni

Saturday, October 23, 2010

BOSL New Music Adds

An amazing talent has been added to the BOSL playlist and my Slow Bake show on BOSL Radio.

Let's welcome Jody Mubble of Y Factor!

"Every guitar, bass, keyboard, drum line and vocal line, every miscellaneous sound heard is written and performed by me." - Jody Mubble

Some links:

Can You

Miserable Eyes

Deja Vodoo

Something More Than Human

Feel free to contact Jody directly!

:) Soni

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Public Service Announcement!!!


This weekend, no Slow Bake show. Catch you next weekend!

Remember two things this weekend:

1. Please support your local Second Life musicians. I have been busy with my rez day! I will catch you up soon with who's doing what, and in the meanwhile check your local SL calendar events for listings for live music events.

2. Saturday, it's a special all day live BOSL broadcast launching the new Redgrave sim in Second Life. Activities all day. BOSL is streaming the final event of 'Fashion Rocks' at the REDGRAVE sims. Lots of music including CraigLyons Writer, BOSL reports live from the scene, and tons of gossip! LOL. Turn into BOSL Radio, and better yet, join us for the fun:

:) Soni!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

38 Special Rocks Grid

Saturday night, October 9th, SL's 38 Special rocked Independent Pride on the grid. People got a bit crazy, losing some clothing items. The performance was incredibly flawless. Kudos to the production team! Connect to Soni's Flickr Site for more photos (sorry only PG ones, lol).

Friday, October 8, 2010

Guitar Zane at Gwampa's!

It was another busy Thursday nite at Gwampa's. AcousticEnergy finished his set and Guitar Zane took to the stage. Of course, he didn't get the name "guitar" without cause. His performance was super and wowed the good sized weekday crowd. I noticed that Gwampa's was going to host a major live music event this Saturday, October 9th. Note the lineup below (click on photo to enlarge it):
Sidenote: I love the four seasons - one for each of the four sims. It is a performance space that encourages creativity and freedom.

Ahh, there's my good buddy Sher Salmson, staying around after AE to catch Guitar Zane. Smart choice! Smart woman!

There's the one and only Gwampa!

For now, that's it from Soni :)!

Don Back at Bama

Don Galaga performed Monday night at Bama Breeze once again. Good times on the Jimmy Buffet like isle. Be sure to drop by and let the sand sink between your toes, while you dance to one of the most talented guys on the grid. I hear that Harry Frychester will performing this coming week. Join Bama Breeze to keep up with the events!

:) Soni

Saturday, October 2, 2010