Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quiet Day at BOSL Radio

Bel (Belinda Barnes) chilled with me during my BOSL radio show, Slow Bake, on Saturday (noon-1pm SLT).   Got a pic of her and CC (CottonCandy) Teardrop, the wonderful dj that follows me every week.   We broadcast live from the Renaissance Galleria when we are not live from a special event.   Catch you on the grid :).

Saturday, June 4, 2011

BOSL Happenings

Last few weeks, BOSL Radio has been broadcasting live at the Japan Relief Project Fundraiser.  Miss Virtual World Serene Faith was the lead organizer, and the event was a success with many vendor raffles for fashions from top designers and other specialty items.

Incredible bargains on lovely gowns, among the many fashions available, with proceeds going to the JRP fundraiser.   Fun times, and I won a lovely steampunkish design from the JRP sim.   Plus Editorial Clarity (4th photo) joined the BOSL Brown's Cheerleaders for a spectacular demonstration of his agility.   Definitely some good thoughts, love, and fun was in the air.

This week BOSL Radio is broadcasting live from the MENstuff Fashion Hunt for the fashion conscious men of Second Life. The hunt is on June 3rd - July 3rd.   This is a MAJOR HUNT!  There are 60 Welcome Gifts at the main teleport center.   Worth a visit, I think, if you are a guy - or maybe check it out for your guy friends, and tell them about it.   Come for the fun and the guys at our live broadcast all weekend (6/2-6/5) with DJS on hand for the entertainment.  The owner of Maverick - Ivy Maverick - is featured below.

See you there - Soni!