Monday, September 26, 2011

One in a Million Designer Challenge

Come to the Runway Cafe for the next round of the One In A Million Designer Challenge. One of the producers that I spoke to was Nino Heartsdale (photo above).

Be sure to follow this challenge round-by-round -  and if all goes as planned, I will share some photos and the story for the Society/Events section of the November issue of Best of SL Magazine.  But it is more fun to see the designs in person.  Here's some photos from Saturday's round featuring 23 designers.

Runway Cafe Team:
Alix Abruzzo, CEO (directly above)
Nino Heartsdale, Director
Jena Adder, Producer

Visit Runway Cafe's Website at for a list of all the designers and scheduled events.

 :) Sonicity

Saturday, September 17, 2011

BOSL Fashion Week

BOSL Fashion Week kicks off Sunday, September 17th.  Join the BOSL readers group for all the information at Renaissance Galleria - where our BOSL Radio Booth is located as well.

See ya on the grid!