Friday, October 8, 2010

Guitar Zane at Gwampa's!

It was another busy Thursday nite at Gwampa's. AcousticEnergy finished his set and Guitar Zane took to the stage. Of course, he didn't get the name "guitar" without cause. His performance was super and wowed the good sized weekday crowd. I noticed that Gwampa's was going to host a major live music event this Saturday, October 9th. Note the lineup below (click on photo to enlarge it):
Sidenote: I love the four seasons - one for each of the four sims. It is a performance space that encourages creativity and freedom.

Ahh, there's my good buddy Sher Salmson, staying around after AE to catch Guitar Zane. Smart choice! Smart woman!

There's the one and only Gwampa!

For now, that's it from Soni :)!

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