Sunday, November 9, 2014

What's Going On - LIVE

Two Recommended Live Music
Venues to check out this week -

Seaside Lounge
CEO Montana Clowes (and Titan Hawksby)
Google: Seaside Lounge Calendar

What's Up Seaside?
I dropped into the Seaside Lounge to check the local listings for the many SL musicians that perform.

Two Moons Paradise
CEO Shiran Sabra

Monday November 10th
1-2 pm slt Lisa Brune Live
2-3 pm slt Ceci Dover live

Tuesday November 11th 
5-6 pm slt Farrokh Vavoom and The Cows of Chaos and The Funky Feats The Bar
6-7 pm slt Barn Country Dance 

Wednesday November 12th
1-2 pm slt Ceci Dover
5-6 pm slt ~ Mer Contest with Shay Sunnyside
6-7 pm slt Samm Qendra

Thursday November 13th
4-5 pm slt Amforte Clarity
5-6 pm slt DJ Shay Sunnyside The Funky Feats and our weekly costume contest

Friday November 14th
Dancing at Pelican Beach and chilling with fishing

Saturday November 15th
4-5 pm slt AM Quar 
5-6 pm slt Maxmillion Kleene 

Sunday November 16th
Music Madness Sundays
1-3 pm slt with Drumming Farrokh Vavoom ~ Mer garden
3-4 pm slt Voodoo Shilton


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