Saturday, February 12, 2011

Special Plug for Two Moon Paradise!!!

File Photos: Two Moon Paradise's Coconut Rock. Venue owner, Shiran Sabra in red.

Valentine's at Two Moon Paradise!! Cancer Research Fundraiser.

A special valentine's Day, February 14th from 4-8 pm SLT at Two Moon Paradise. The venue is sponsoring a Fund Raiser for Cancer Research for the Terry Fox Foundation!!!

Schedule of events:

Kissing booth from 4-8 pm "buy a kiss" and the money is donated to The Terry Fox foundation. This is a competition between the women and the men so one booth will be for men and the other for women! Come support your favourite team and help raise money for cancer research.

The goal is to raise $10,000 lindens, and we need your help!

Dance from 4-8 pm slt
DJ Schedule for the evening's events

4-5 pm slt DJ Galdor Willenov
5-6 pm slt DJ Raven Cinquetti
6-7 pm slt DJ Kiliguana Shamrock
5-8 pm slt Alexis Dawner

We hope that you will join us, we will have free roses, free drinks and lots of laughs!!!

From all of Two Moon Paradise:
Shiran Sabra
Tella Carver
Azura Randt
Galdor Willenov
Cello Creighton:
Okeanos Theseus
Zippo Brune

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