Sunday, August 22, 2010


A notecard passed along to me from Persia Bravin that I wanted to share! Super installation opens today - Sunday, August 22nd, 3PM SLT. My friend Kara Trapdoor, now an BOSL events reporter too, will be covering the event while I continue to dj on BOSL radio til 4PM. Hey I will catch up with you all. :)

s i m p l e x i t y

Immersive art, sound and video installation by Thoth Jantzen

Opens Sunday 22nd August @ 3pm SLT

s i m p l e x i t y is the latest creation from multimedia artist Thoth Jantzen and combines a heady mix of video, prim sculpture and some distinctive texturing techniques that will take you on a trip through sound and space.

Emphasizing media from the ‘demoscene’ sub culture that embraces digital art, sound and video in one, this multi-level installation has astounding features at every twist and turn.

Some have called it "‘You Tube’ on steroids with a massive dose of LSD" while others who have seen the advance preview have called it ‘a huge, legal trip’.

For certain, this new build is pushing the boundaries of how we perceive sound and visuals in virtual worlds and is destined to become a must see location in SL this year.

Explore labyrinths full of sound and color, slide down fractal spirals or sit and relax on the chairs with full sim viewing options.


!!!!!! HEALTH WARNING !!!!!!

. EPILEPSY WARNING: If you have epilepsy or otherwise are adversely affected by rapidly flashing lights and changing colors, this exhibit isn't good for you -- seriously! DO NOT enable your media here (it does look pretty nice without the media playing, though). Disable streaming media in your EDIT/PREFERENCES menu before continuing - or leave - we don't want anyone harmed here!


Press Information

Creator: Thoth Jantzen
Press Enquiries: Persia Bravin

About the creator:
Thoth Jantzen is an avatar who's been in SL for just shy of 4 years. He specializes in building multi-media based immersive environments and 'media-active sculpture'. His work has been featured at NMC/Ars Simulacra, the CARP/Diabolus art space, and with the Caerleon Art Collective as well as at some real-world exhibits, including the Virtual Art Initiative and the "How We Play" exhibition at the Neutral Ground gallery for contemporary art. When he's not busy messing with your mind aurally and visually, he likes to do it through participation in discussions about philosophy and science, and he's been active as a member, advisor, and organizer in a number of SL educational, science, philosophy, and art communities.

Statement on build by Thoth Jantzen:

“Enjoy the experience! When you arrive, click the "play" button in your media controller, and explore - that's it! We do suggest first trying out the seating pads in the entry area (make sure your media's working, then point and click to get on, then hit ESC two times. When you're done, just click 'stand up' to get off) but there's no real path you must follow - just go where you like! We do suggest you take your time and look around - there's a LOT to see and experience - but you can do it at your own pace in whatever order you wish. And, of course, you're always welcome to return! To enter the main build, just point and click on the portal pool in the centre of the entry area. The name of this build derives from what you get when 'complexity' emerges from 'simplicity' -- I hope its obvious!”


Technical Details
The s i m p l e x i t y experience relies heavily on streaming media, and therefore requires the viewer to have QuickTime installed plus media streaming enabled in edit/preferences for maximum enjoyment. On arrival, please take a few moments to read the welcome notice to fully enjoy the very best parts of this unique installation.

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