Friday, August 6, 2010

Music Business This Weekend

So what's going on this weekend, Soni!
Thanks for asking! A bit of time travel to the 80s scene, then a futuristic look at vitual ballet, and then its back to the country with Keith Urban! Plus many live musicians and special music events across the grid!

If you like the 80s, and those big DOs, Second Life has its fill of 80s events, and Saturday is not exception. Lightning Productions presents the 1980s band "Whitesnake" at Eden Naturist Resort... they organizers say it is "the perfect location for snakes...and the Floating Stage." Saturday, 4PM

Then Ballet Pixelle presents their 10th original ballet that "truly explores movement and the arts in Second Life." Enjoy the whimsical side of ballet, as Real Life and Second Life merge in one amazing performance: "This ballet is not just arabesques and plies...its a manifestation of virtual limits." Choreography and animations is by artistic director Inarra Saarinen. Music by Solary Clary & Sora Izumikawa. Sundays at 5:00pm SLT through August.

Rockshoppe presents Keith Urban. Enjoy the modern country legend in a special presentation. Sunday noon, SLT

Club H2-OH presents Journey, Sunday 6PM SLT

Saints of Hell presents Rob Zombie, Sunday 6PM SLT

Other performers:

Damian Carbenell, Sunday 4PM SLT

Andreus Gustafson, Sunday 6PM SLT
and many more, check your SL events calendar!

:) Soni

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