Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday, May 9 Events

Lady Gaga Night at Shhh!

Sunday, May 9, 6PM-8PM SLT at Shhh! NYC, New York!

It was BOSL Radio DJ Vixie Durant, owner of Shhh!, hosting and deejaying another wild night in the Big Apple. Vixie loves NYC!

So you can anticipate some good times every Sunday night, and soon Wednesdays too!

For Lady Gaga night, Vixie changed Gaga outfits several times, and landed on a hot number for her final gaga fashion statement (see below).

Some other celebs in the house including musician Raspbury Rearwin danced on the pole (he just dropped in to say hi). Born Shim was partaking in the all the fun, and was ready to serve (with his title Major of NYC hanging over his head! ). Then there was the SL bday girl - Sloopy Qork - celebrating her rez day all "gaga"ed out for the night. Kara Trapdoor tried a bit of pole action, but it wasn't her - it was the spirit of gaga that made her do it.

As for me, I was digging my Gaga threads and Shock looked stunning as my Gaga man - decked out in sparkling red.

Vixie is thinking about what to do for next week and is taking suggestions! Join her next week for more fun!



Raglan Shire is hosting its 5th ArtWalk May 9-30, 2010. A 3-week long, multi-sim art festival, it is one of the art highlights of SL. Reproductions of RL artwork (painting, drawing, digital media, etc.) and SL artwork including photography and sculpture. Over 100 artists exhibiting over 3 sims.

For more....

Check SL events listings and remember BOSL Radio!

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