Friday, September 17, 2010

Save a Horse - Spend Time with Harry Frychester

Okay, Soni is seeking country music from SL Musicians. Send them my way, original tunes by SL's finest country singers, and I will toss in a few tunes in da mix. Hey, even jazzy swooners like Harry Frychester are having fun getting down (home) being a little bit country. :)

Here's a few pics from Harry Frychester who had a blast at the Alafia Country Escape with his audience (a little naughty at times as he reinvented song lyrics, lol).

So when he is not singing Harry Connick-like songs, he is kickin it on stage belting out country legends.

Catch Harry around the grid - he's a little bit country - LOL - sometimes. But be sure that he puts on a great show every time. Some of the venues he has performed at include: The Whiskey Jazz, Nat's Jazz, Jades Jazz, Elite sounds of Jazz, Eu Faco, Wiseguys, and Crystal falls. Check your listings on the SL calender of events for live music - and look up Harry Frychester.

And check out Harry's CD Album!

:) Soni

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