Saturday, April 10, 2010

Event Listings!

I work Saturday noon to 2PM, Sunday, 2PM to 4PM, and Tuesday 4PM to 6PM SLT. I list events here for those days!

Also be sure to check out the events that I recently covered on the BOSL Blog. You find the BOSL Blog on the main site:

Saturday, April 24


From Mankind Tracer: "I'm going to do a show at Mahalo at 1PM today. I've been wanting for a long time to really see if a 100 person capacity sim setting can really hold 100 people. We really wanna see if its still possible. So please come out for a bit. We just really wanna see what the results are. Of course your requests are welcome as always but today I want your BODY (in the sim that is)! We will all be CRASH TEST DUMMIES!!!! Please invite your friends, groups, whatever you got!" WHERE: Mahalo Harbour. WHEN: 1PM SLT. Ask Sonicity Fitzroy for the LM!


High Spirit is a fashion show with a different kind of attitude ("spirit"). It is a special kind of Second Life venture designed to give back and raise funds for some RL causes. Founded by Spirit Lexington, the sim is being run as a complete non-profit venture, will all profits going to raising funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Heart and Stroke Foundation..

To introduce High Spirits to the Second Life Community, on Saturday, April 24th at 3 PM, there will be a gala fashion show and party featuring designs from Tres Beau, Evolve, Oxy Jewell, Pretty Lady, Purple Rose, FIR, and Mimi Juneau,.

Artist Johnathan Hiess and the Dazzler dancers will be providing additional entertainment, with an auction to be held, where you can bid on your favorites and take home your favorite designs while doing a great thing for these 2 great charities.

Please join us in making this event one for the record books. That's, Satuday, April 24th at 3 PM, on The Admiral sim.

Special thanks to Opulent Magazine for loaning us models, and doing some of the show photography.

Check out the SL events listings for more events across the grid!

- Soni

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